About Us

Changing systems into solutions!

Founded as TRITEC Electronic GmbH in 1991 by Jürgen Bullacher and Manfred Freisberg in Mainz our slogan “Changing systems into solutions!” became company philosophy from the beginning.

Over the years TRITEC developed from a hardware development company over a SUN clone developer and manufacturer with worldwide sales and services, over a full solution provider for medical workstation and storage systems in PACS business to a solution provider for medical imaging systems like our actual Multi Display Manager.

With our background in worldwide sourcing and suppling we’re expanded our business services with the Supply Chain Management in 2006.

We never left our roots and therefore we’re still developing ideas for new hardware solutions and we’re still doing IT system manufacturing for us and our OEM customers.

In 2001 the share holders of TRITEC bought the LXCO Technologies AG in Berlin and moved the hardware development completely to this company. LXCO business developed very fast pushed by ideas and requests of TRITEC. They invented special GreyScale GFX boards as well as other special electronic devices to control and connect imaging devices used in well known brands all over the world. We are living a strong and successful supplier <-> customer partnership since 2001. 

TRITEC and LXCO are still mostly owner driven which causes a very lean overhead in management and short ways for decision-making.

Customers are gain long-term competitive advantages by our wide experiences in implementation of extensive development, manufacturing and logistics processes.

Enterprises as Siemens are using our products not only because of the high and continuously quality and reliability. They use our logistic abilities for individual customers and incoming tasks to deliver within shortest lead times worldwide. We finish also specific system requests or country-typical peculiarities for our partners in a simple way and reasonable time.

The competence of our employees that shows itself to a team of first-class technicians and engineers trained in a way that assures the basis of our success and gives new importance to the origin Made in Germany.