Statement of the Board

Environmental Management

The company, Tritec Electronic GmbH, is aware of the importance of Environmental Management. Environmental Protection, as well as Quality Management, is organizationally directed by the Board.

The basis of our operations is to comply with applicable laws, regulations and regulatory requirements and is intent on preserving the environment and natural resources for future generations.

We view Environmental Management as a continuous optimization task to:

  • avoid unnecessary use of resources
  • rationally use energy, water and other resources
  • ensure the responsible handling of hazardous substances
  • periodically review emissions and waste in order to minimize the resource costs

Packaging and transportation materials are reusable or returnables wherever possible. We place special emphasis on selecting packaging materials that could be reused or recycled. The use of plastics and foams have been reduced to a minimum.

The disposal of waste materials is provided exclusively by certified companies. Recyclable materials are collected separately and are only delivered to certified recycling facilities.

Purchasing of all raw materials and operational supplies are done from an ecological viewpoint. For investment decisions, environmentally friendly options are considered when economically justifiable.

On our premises we have laid a foundation to emphasize the awareness of energy and the environment. All the flat roofs on the buildings are fully landscaped. We maintain a pond directly on the grounds which serves not only as enjoyment for the employees but provides a permanent home to different animals. Ducks and herons nest here as our guests and turtles , various fish and insects cavort in our natural habitat.

All unused surfaces are greenery. All above ground parking is on unsealed surfaces.

We also address the area of energy conservation. A few years ago we installed a photovoltaic system in which the majority of energy collected is fed into the grid.

We see environmental preservation not only the task of a few, but encourage our employees to be environmentally aware and responsible.

We pursue our goal of continuous improvement of corporate environmental protection.

Mainz, March 2022
Markus Mueller-Heidelberg
Managing Director