Tritec is doing hard- and software development projects on system and board level since 1991. In 2001 the share holders of TRITEC bought the LXCO Technologies AG in Berlin and moved the hardware development completely to this company. LXCO business developed very fast pushed by innovative ideas. They invented special GreyScale GFX boards as well as other special electronic devices to control and connect imaging devices used in well known brands all over the world. We are living a strong and successful supplier <-> customer partnership from 2001 to 2022. Then LXCO has been merged into TRITEC again.

Both companies have deep knowledge of customs design boards. Embedded solutions. Medical environments. Unix/Linux platforms. Certifications. Robust and reliable design. Short time to market. High quality, Designed and Made in Germany. Long runner products.

Some of our milestones are lined up in this small graphic. Tritec’s systems are widely spread thru different markets and sold worldwide. We are proud to know, that a lot of very old systems are still up and running. For example some U10 workstations build in 1998 are still used to control tarmac production facilities. The DG2 graphic board was produced nearly 10 years and used for medical workstation to view radiological images. The UI-Module, we’d develop some board level components and designed the whole system, has been introduced in 2008 and will be produced till ~2018. In 2007 LXCO started the development of the Multi Display Manager. First articles were sold to major brands in medical business in 2009. Development hasn’t finished till today. In 06/2018 we’re counted more then 5500 systems in the field. In 2011 the development of the TT-264 which is simply a DVI to H.264 Converter started. First articles were shown to the market mid of 2013. Shipping started in Jan 2014. Last development of our innovative supplier as LXCO is the ADIO-2 converter box. A multi signal converter and scaler up to 4k inputs (Analog, DVI, DP, SDI) to HDMI/DVI FHD output signals.

TRITEC Developments 1991 to 2024