Multi Display Manager Family

  • Up to 26 video inputs
  • Supports Dual-Link DVI signal inputs
  • Simultaneously supports up to two independent 8 megapixel displays and
  • many more types and combinations
  • Real-time architecture with low latency
  • Hardware scaling with bilinear filter for best possible video quality
  • High reliable design with redundancies & watch dog build for 24×7 operations
  • On-Screen administration tool & API for remote control & Touch PanelPC support
  • Multiple User KVM functionality fully integrated
MDM 5U Rev. C
  • MDM contains all system functionality in one unit
  • Capability to collect, combine, and transmit up to
  • 26 different video sources on up to 2x 8MP QFHD@60Hz, 4x 4K/UHD@30Hz, 6x 4MP or
  • 10x FullHD displays.
  • Digital and analog inputs are supported.
  • Customer definable size, position and scale of sources, including overlapping.
  • Sources can be cropped on top, bottom, left or right
  • Signal can be scaled by a factor of 0.1 to 10.0.
  • Signals can be duplicated to show the same input, cropped or sized
  • Customer definable arrangement sets that can be easily switched via Touch PanelPC, web-interface with iPad or similar device.
  • Arrangements are storable at the system as well as external storage equipment.
  • Switching between predefined arrangement sets is less then 500ms
  • 2-3 frames delay from input to display possible because of a Real-time architecture
  • In critical environments, the MDM has a highly reliable design. No hard disk is used; Redundant Power Supply’s; and Active Watch Dog are employed
  • Robust construction and material methods employed for use in specialized Medical and Industrial disciplines build for 24×7 operations.
  • Status information and Diagnostics accessible via network.
  • Customizing for OEM partners is available.

This product is such complex, we’d made a special website for. Please have a look at for more information about this device and available options.