Merger / Transformation – LXCO Technologies AG

With the confirmation of the commercial register, LXCO Technologies AG, located in Berlin, was merged into TRITEC Electronic AG, located in Mainz, and TRITEC Electronic AG was transformed into TRITEC Electronic GmbH.

By merging LXCO into TRITEC Electronic AG, all contracts concluded between other parties and LXCO Technologies AG, and thus explicitly all related orders, all rights and obligations, will be transferred to TRITEC Electronic AG, and subsequently to TRITEC Electronic GmbH. 

New: Commercial Register Local Court Mainz, HRB 51093

The branch office (delivery address) in Berlin remains unchanged.

TRITEC Electronic GmbH
Haus 18 B
Colditzstr. 34-36
12099 Berlin

All contacts can still be reached under the telephone numbers and e-mail addresses known to you and are available for further inquiries.